Can’t believe it’s been a year so far! Thank you so much for your support and everyone checking out the audios 🙂 here’s to another year of sounds!

Here are the most interesting audios of the year.

Horse drawn carriage, Christmas Eve, 16th St. mall downtown Denver binaural recording Bookmark:

It’s #Live ! 😄 ❤️‍🔥 🎶 , a new#ImagingLibrary for 2022 #Scissored Bookmark:😄❤%EF%B8%8F%E2%80%8D🔥🎶-a-newimaginglibrary-for-2022-scissored/

Music Over Carstereo Passenger Seat Prospective while driving. Binaural Bookmark:

Last night, in crowded #DNVRBar as the avalanche won the game . #Binaural Bookmark:

RoosterOnTheRadio #CountryRadio #Aircheck for April Bookmark:

Eloquence from iOS 16, multiple audio samples. Binaural, and direct record Bookmark:

OpenCar #1930s #T-Bucket #Hotrod Start, run, outside perspective, in car, passenger seat perspective, drive Bookmark:

Walking in the country, gravel, birds Bookmark:

Rain On The Road I-25 Bookmark:

Powerful thunderstorm in Denver tonight Bookmark:

Wo! .. Holy sh*t! .. a shoot out, from about a block away Bookmark:

Thomas Rhett Covers Cole Swindell,clip, Red Rocks, Ampitheater, Denver, Colorado, Absolute Front Row, Binaural Recording With Senheiser Smart, Ambio Headset Bookmark:

Indoors, kids running around playing, high ceiling, atrium, far off water, fountains, light guitar, binaural Bookmark:

Pouring margarita, including, full bottle, tipping back-and-forth in each ear, breaking seal new bottle, setting up glass for salt, salt in glass, ice in glass, pouring margarita in glass, binaural Bookmark:

Absolutely hilarious, after the fact. Alexa, volume 10! Bookmark:

Seriously, one of the coolest things happened to me this morning! It was a, big, thing! Denver’s 98.5 KYGO plays the official Hoobajoob song written by Drew Weber Bookmark:

Sounds of fire from hot air balloons Bookmark:

If you were in the area, you heard this! Whoa! Huge explosion city park west area Bookmark:

OMG. Rofl !!! #BeavisAndButthead , Do, A Christmas Story Bookmark:

While the elves were all tucked asleep in their beds, Santa Claus was making this early, for all you bass heads!#MaryTrunkanChristmas, Vol1. Bookmark:

Hockey explained from a blindness perspective with @STVP Bookmark:

Three week old German shepherd puppies yiffing Bookmark:

Hand Crank icecream maker Bookmark:

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