First things first, what the heck is a, Hoobajoob? A big thing. The big thing, happened Saturday evening, at Fiddlers Green in Denver. A huge lineup, of 6 artists, including Dustin Lynch, Corey Kent, Avery Anna, Bailey Zimmerman, and more!!!

Another big thing, happened for me,this morning, on 98.5 KYGO, yes, it was in fact, for me, a Hoobajoob 🙂 I had written a song for the event and stuck it up on my Sound Cloud. I had posted it to KYGO’s FB this weekend. Several folks from the station listened to it, which was, absolutely amazing!!!! I wasn’t expecting that. The morning show crew commented and asked, if they could play it on air? I said, of course! And thank you!!! So this morning, this happened!

Listen to the entire song below!