Taskbar First Letter Navigation JAWS Scripts For Windows11

Written by Andrew Weber. (Drew Weber)

In Windows 10 and previous we could navigate to the Taskbar with Windows+t and use first letter navigation to drive to an open application and press enter to set the application in focus. In Windows 11 we must arrow across the taskbar to find the app we want and press enter once we land on the app. Yes we still have alt+tab which is useful if we are only working with 2 or 3 apps. If we are working with many apps it may be paramount to set focus to an app quickly.
Note! These scripts will only run properly under Windows 11. I may have a version for Windows10 out at some point.

we first must have the app open that we want to use. For this example you may launch Notepad from the Run dialogue
Press Windows+r
Press enter.
Navigate to the taskbar with Windows+t
Right or left arrow over to the app we want to map to first letter navigation.
Press, control+enter
for example if we are using Notepad as our app to map for focus:
JAWS will announce:

Notepad – 1 running window setup for focus. Press windows+t to navigate back to the taskbar, then, control+shift+first letter nav to set mapping.

Navigate back to the taskbar with Windows+t
If for example we want to map Notepad to the letter, n, press, control+shift+n. JAWS will announce:

Mapping Short Letter Nav, N, to Notepad – 1 running window

Now when we are in another app and want to get back to Notepad, all we have to do is
Press Windows+t to drive to the taskbar.
Press N which is setup to Launch Notepad.
JAWS will announce:

Notepad – 1 running window Launched

Notepad will now be in focus.
In the future I plan on updating these scripts to include numbers 1-0 for first number navigation as well.

From the zip archive, Open the file:
Select all with Control+a
Copy to clipboard with control+c
Navigate to your taskbar with Windows+t
Press insert+0 to launch the JAWS Script manager JAWS should report Shared Explorer dot jss
Press control+end to end up at the bottom, make sure you are on a blank line.
Press control+v to paste.
Press control+s to compile and save.
Press alt+f4 to close the script manager.
Navigate to the file
don’t open this file, but rather, press, control+c to copy the file to your clicpboard
Navigate over to the JAWS main window you may find this on your taskbar or in your system tray.
Find the utilities menu and press, x to launch your Explore utilities folder
Press e until you reach, Explore My settings. Press enter
Press control+v to paste in the Explorer.JKM file which is the keyboard map.
Quit and restart JAWS.
Enjoy Your new Scripts!

The coolest tech since the IPhone? Have you heard of #ElevenLabs ?

Holy Jees. Tech is crazy these days. I do believe, it’s safe to say we’re living in the future in present times. I came across a website this week http://www.eleven labs.io which is meant for the writer in all of us. It offers a few high quality premium voices and allows you to type into a text box and play back in synthetic speech what you have written. For $5 a month for the lowest teer, is where things get quite, futuristic.

It was about 12 years ago or so, where I heard of a software called Model talker. I spent probably 12 hours reading sentences into a microphone and then, it created me a synthetic voice, that, was definitely, not worth my time. I’m not dogging the project, it’s probably gotten better etc. I’ve heard rumblings recently that there is software that only needs 2 minutes of audio to create a, very lifelike synthetic voice. Eleven Labs? Is one of those! I hit the purchase button after setting up an account, went into the closet with my IPhone, and recorded me rambling in a CHR VO voice. I hit create voice, on the website, also on my IPhone, uploaded the sample, again from Files on my IPhone, and didn’t have to wait. The, “Use Drew CHR” link was available, and then came the text box where I typed. It sounded pretty cool, not just like me, but it was clean, and held the acoustics of the closet and the freq spectrum of the IPhone mic. You can upload up to 25 samples per voice, and per my experimentation at least two samples makes things a whole lot more life like. I’ve got a friend who does VO work for me, listener drops. Her voice is incred right out of the box, but I stick my magic on it, and it truly pops and sounds like a dream. I got her permission, and uploaded the processed VO work she’s done for me, and Oh? My? God? When radio gets hold of ElevenLabs the price won’t be $5 per month, and you won’t have unlimited downloads. It is honestly an incredible and scary thing. Not ot get to personal, but I can hear songs, peoples voices, whatever in my head and it’s not a reality. But when I’m writing scripts for imaging, I hear it all. Now, I can hear the voice in my head, type it into Eleven Labs and it’s right there. I don’t have to do any editing on the final cuts if I don’t want to. I don’t have to look through takes and takes of work to find that perfect one. The generate button uses AI no doubt, and when you hit generate a second time on the same text with the same voice, you have different results. Wow!

The below audio is from my voice and Robins, my Fianci’s voice. Yes I’ve got her permission as well. I want to show off some of the voice to clone take, then you’ll hear a beep, and hear the modeled synth that was created with that voice. There are 3 or 4 voices here below. Take a listen. Then hit up Eleven Labs for yourself!!!!

Amazon Firestick 4K Max: Use as Bluetooth no HDMI

I didn’t realise this until last night. You can use the Amazon Firestick with Voice view, without being tethered to a HDMI connection.

First, you must complete initial setup with the firestick connected through an HDMI receiver, such as a TV or audio receiver.


From the Home Screen navigate to settings.
Select ‘Controllers and Bluetooth Devices’,
Navigate to Other Bluetooth Devices’
Put your Bluetooth speaker in pairing mode.
Select your device from the ‘Discovered Devices’ list with the down arrow key and press select..

Once the speaker is paired you may disconnect the HDMI and use the Firestick wherever you have a solid wifi connection

Happy Easter, VeggieTales, Larry flips, the bunny

Happy Easter, everyone, I think about this thing I made along time ago every Easter, it still cracks me up. If you haven’t heard the original.

Then, you no doubt won’t get the below audio. If you do know it, ha ha ha.

550 dry voiceovers for Internet radio use professionally voiced by Drew Weber

In today’s radio world, it’s natural to have multiple voiceover talent, both male and female.

Below is a, 100% royalty free to download, and free to use library of over 550 male VO cuts, recorded in a professional studio, voiced by Drew Weber and mastered for maximum impact!

Formats included in this library cover CHR, country, rock, and more!

Download below and get your prod on.