Don’t have an applications key on your keyboard? Want to open #NotePad with a simple keystroke from anywhere in the Windows OS? #JAS Scripts To Make Life Simpler!

There are a couple things that I would like to do easier. For one, I don’t have an applications key on my keyboard, and you have to hold the FN key along with Shift+F10 to bring one up. It’s so much easier to just hit control+shift+A. Also, you never know when you will need to take a quick note, to be able to launch Notepad from anywhere in Windows without having to go to run and type in Notepad would be amazing! With these scripts, use control+shift+/ (slash), These scripts allow you to do both of these things. The zip file contains two text files. They are named as so you will know what to do with them. Copy and paste the contents into your default.jss and default.jkm Script files. Respectfully, To launch script manager use insert+0, then you may use control+shift+D to open default.jss or hit your file menu to open your default file. Hit control end, and make sure you are on a blank line, after the last “end script” line and paste the contents of the file relating to default.jss. Hit control+S to save and compile. You willthen launch default.jkm. You can hit control+O to open, then tab down to files of type and kit k, for key map, then shift+tab three times and type default, which should land you on default.jkm. Then, put the contents related to default.jkm under the common keys section, again making sure you are on a blank line. Hit control+S to save. Then alt+F4.

Again the keystrokes once scripts are instaled.

Applications key: control+shift+a

Launch Notepad with: Control+Shift+/ (Slash)

I hope this makes your life simpler. Download the zip below.

Drew Weber – 2022 Music, Demo, (released for the pending death of Twitter) – DRM free download

So Twitter is where I started meeting all of you guys 🙂 , thanks for all the years, the fun, the love! Etc.there’s fear that it may go away, with all of its shenanigans recently, this is how I started getting music out, way back in the day, so this is how I will, so to speak, finish it out. Download the zip file of this demo below, which contains most of what I consider to be my best music tracks.

Drews Sound! Has been live for a year! Here are the most interesting posts so far.

Can’t believe it’s been a year so far! Thank you so much for your support and everyone checking out the audios 🙂 here’s to another year of sounds!

Here are the most interesting audios of the year.

Horse drawn carriage, Christmas Eve, 16th St. mall downtown Denver binaural recording Bookmark:

It’s #Live ! 😄 ❤️‍🔥 🎶 , a new#ImagingLibrary for 2022 #Scissored Bookmark:😄❤%EF%B8%8F%E2%80%8D🔥🎶-a-newimaginglibrary-for-2022-scissored/

Music Over Carstereo Passenger Seat Prospective while driving. Binaural Bookmark:

Last night, in crowded #DNVRBar as the avalanche won the game . #Binaural Bookmark:

RoosterOnTheRadio #CountryRadio #Aircheck for April Bookmark:

Eloquence from iOS 16, multiple audio samples. Binaural, and direct record Bookmark:

OpenCar #1930s #T-Bucket #Hotrod Start, run, outside perspective, in car, passenger seat perspective, drive Bookmark:

Walking in the country, gravel, birds Bookmark:

Rain On The Road I-25 Bookmark:

Powerful thunderstorm in Denver tonight Bookmark:

Wo! .. Holy sh*t! .. a shoot out, from about a block away Bookmark:

Thomas Rhett Covers Cole Swindell,clip, Red Rocks, Ampitheater, Denver, Colorado, Absolute Front Row, Binaural Recording With Senheiser Smart, Ambio Headset Bookmark:

Indoors, kids running around playing, high ceiling, atrium, far off water, fountains, light guitar, binaural Bookmark:

Pouring margarita, including, full bottle, tipping back-and-forth in each ear, breaking seal new bottle, setting up glass for salt, salt in glass, ice in glass, pouring margarita in glass, binaural Bookmark:

Absolutely hilarious, after the fact. Alexa, volume 10! Bookmark:

Seriously, one of the coolest things happened to me this morning! It was a, big, thing! Denver’s 98.5 KYGO plays the official Hoobajoob song written by Drew Weber Bookmark:

Sounds of fire from hot air balloons Bookmark:

If you were in the area, you heard this! Whoa! Huge explosion city park west area Bookmark:

OMG. Rofl !!! #BeavisAndButthead , Do, A Christmas Story Bookmark:

While the elves were all tucked asleep in their beds, Santa Claus was making this early, for all you bass heads!#MaryTrunkanChristmas, Vol1. Bookmark:

Hockey explained from a blindness perspective with @STVP Bookmark:

Three week old German shepherd puppies yiffing Bookmark:

Hand Crank icecream maker Bookmark:

There’s a lot more where that came from, so if you’re new to the website, check out all the posts add