Written by Andrew Weber. (Drew Weber)

In Windows 10 and previous we could navigate to the Taskbar with Windows+t and use first letter navigation to drive to an open application and press enter to set the application in focus. In Windows 11 we must arrow across the taskbar to find the app we want and press enter once we land on the app. Yes we still have alt+tab which is useful if we are only working with 2 or 3 apps. If we are working with many apps it may be paramount to set focus to an app quickly.
Note! These scripts will only run properly under Windows 11. I may have a version for Windows10 out at some point.

we first must have the app open that we want to use. For this example you may launch Notepad from the Run dialogue
Press Windows+r
Press enter.
Navigate to the taskbar with Windows+t
Right or left arrow over to the app we want to map to first letter navigation.
Press, control+enter
for example if we are using Notepad as our app to map for focus:
JAWS will announce:

Notepad – 1 running window setup for focus. Press windows+t to navigate back to the taskbar, then, control+shift+first letter nav to set mapping.

Navigate back to the taskbar with Windows+t
If for example we want to map Notepad to the letter, n, press, control+shift+n. JAWS will announce:

Mapping Short Letter Nav, N, to Notepad – 1 running window

Now when we are in another app and want to get back to Notepad, all we have to do is
Press Windows+t to drive to the taskbar.
Press N which is setup to Launch Notepad.
JAWS will announce:

Notepad – 1 running window Launched

Notepad will now be in focus.
In the future I plan on updating these scripts to include numbers 1-0 for first number navigation as well.

From the zip archive, Open the file:
Select all with Control+a
Copy to clipboard with control+c
Navigate to your taskbar with Windows+t
Press insert+0 to launch the JAWS Script manager JAWS should report Shared Explorer dot jss
Press control+end to end up at the bottom, make sure you are on a blank line.
Press control+v to paste.
Press control+s to compile and save.
Press alt+f4 to close the script manager.
Navigate to the file
don’t open this file, but rather, press, control+c to copy the file to your clicpboard
Navigate over to the JAWS main window you may find this on your taskbar or in your system tray.
Find the utilities menu and press, x to launch your Explore utilities folder
Press e until you reach, Explore My settings. Press enter
Press control+v to paste in the Explorer.JKM file which is the keyboard map.
Quit and restart JAWS.
Enjoy Your new Scripts!