NotepadTableScriptsForExcelSpreadsheet v 1.0
Released 03/11/23
Written by Drew Weber, Twitter @_IllegallyBlind

These scripts will allow you to navigate tab delimited documents with eas in notepad using familior table reading commands. The keystrokes don’t get in the way of any other notepad curser/editing commands. You may select all, copy, and paste an Excel spreadsheet into Notepad and in most instances, much more quickly review the document vs review in excel. If you edit the document within Notepad, you may select all, copy, and paste the document back in excel and it will hold it’s same placement in the worksheet.


Control+alt+down arrow: moves down a line on the current column
Control+alt+Up arrow: moves up a line on the current column.
Control+alt+Left arrow: moves left on the current row.
Control+alt+Righ arrow: moves right on the current row.
control+windows+home: resets columns and rows so you can start reading from the start of the line.
Control+alt+enter sets your curser to edit where your currently reading.

From the NotepadTableScriptsForExcelSpreadsheet zip archive,
open the
Notepad-JSS.txt file.
Select all, with control+a,
copy, with control+c.
Hit, insert+0 to open the JAWS script manager. The, Shared Notepad dot JSS file will open.
Hit, control+end to get to the bottom of the file and make sure you are on a blank line.
Hit, control+v to paste the copied scripts.
Hit control+s to save the file. JAWS should report, compile complete.
Hit, control+f4, to close the user, notepad dot JSS file but keep the script manager open.
Alt+tab back to the, NotepadTableScriptsForExcelSpreadsheet zip archive
up arrow to the file, notepad.JKM
hit control+C, note, you will not be opening this file.
Alt+tab back to the Script Manager.
Hit, control+o to bring up the open dialogue.
Shift+tab twice, to get to the list view
Hit control+v to paste the notepad.JKM file into the list view.
Escape, to close out of the open dialogue.
Alt+f4 to close the script manager.
Restart JAWS.
You should be good to go with the new scripts.