JAWS Scripts for spotify for Windows, v1.2.4.912.
Written by Drew Weber
Twitter @_IllegallyBlind
Released: 02/7/2023
Note: Before I started developing these scripts, I did a Google search for another created script set. I found that in the past there was something but all the links were broken. I do not believe there are other publically available scripts for this current version of Spotify for Windows. I am not trying to step on anyone elses toes. If your celling Spotify Scripts and I’m disturbing that project, all you have to do is hit me up, we’ll talk, a comment on this post and I’m happy to remove my set if need be. Thank you. I have removed all of Freedom Scientifics scripting out of my Spotify JAWS Scripts release.
Spotify is accessible out of the box with the current version of the app, these scripts though make navigation through Spotify much quicker.

Copy the
files into your JAWS settings directory for example,
C:\Users\YourName\AppData\Roaming\Freedom Scientific\JAWS\2023\Settings\enu
shutdown and restart JAWS.
Music controls.
Pause currently playing track: Control+shift+space.
Previous Track: Control+shift+left arrow.
Next Track: Control+shift+right arrow.
Volume Down: Control+Shift+Down arrow.
Volume up: Control+shift+up arrow.
Shuffle: Control+shift+s.
Repeat: Control+shift+r.
App controls.
Drop into the Search edit box: control+s.
Play first: this command, control+shift+p, is used after typing in the search criteria, and hitting enter to perform the search. If you haven’t clicked
on an artist link the first play button will be activated. If you have clicked on an artist, the music played may be more defined.
User menu: brings up account related options, profile, settings etc. Control+m.
Add to library: Control+l. Adds currently playing track to library/liked tracks. Does not download track for offline listening.