It’s interesting, when something becomes such a part of your life, it becomes more than a pattern, more, ingrained in who you are. That’s what Twitter has become to me. Jesus. I feel like I’m writing some sort of good by note, but it’s nothing of the sort. I just haven’t found another social media platform, where I can just, be me, and I don’t have an explanation for that.

I remember, it was 2008. I was attending the Colorado center for the blind when I learned about Twitter. At that time, I didn’t have an internet enabled phone, but I could text a phone number, and get an update out that would also appear on the web. That was sick!!! What an amazing concept.

A few years later, I remember asking someone, why would I want a Twitter client, do that, many people, use Twitter? Indeed they did, and I did, need a twitter client. There was JAWS scripts on Windows which was again, another brillient concept. There was a client on Series 60 Mobile which I used when I started having very little data, and WiFi around the house.

Twitter for me, enabled networking, beyond my wildest dreams honestly. A few years later and I had a successful internet radio show Rebel Fusion and was also imaging 30+ blindness internet radio stations. How did people find out I existed, how did I find all of these new found awesome friends, and people. Twitter.

So I guess first off, I just want to say thanks, to Social media, to a platform that has changed, I believe all of our lives, more than 140 chars can allow to say.

Roosterloop, became RadioDrew1, and then? I was gone, vanished. What? happened. I ditched a thousand plus followers? There’s not a better time to bring this up. First off, I had gotten a new job, a very stressful job. I was drinking a lot, and most of my tweets were drunkin. I’m sorry for that. I have really focused on not letting my social media space become that again. People have accepted me again, followed me back, and for that, I truly thank you all. It does mean a lot.

I want to say, I’m sorry for just vanishing. It was a weird time, and at that time, I felt it’s what I needed to do. I won’t say much more about this, other than, I work for a government agency. Nothing scared me more than the government. Why? For an example, When I was on SSI, Social Security got my address wrong, and I hadn’t even changed it. I got yelled at more times than I can remember by SSA phone agents, I felt controled. When I started this new job, I was told that, I was held to a higher standard now, more than before, even if I quit I would still be held to this standard, this is what you signed up for. I was being watched. To me, it was more control, and so, that was one of the big decitions of taking down my account. I have mostly though come out of this fear, mind set. I very much care about security and I respect my career, but I believe, I still have the right to be me.

I am not taking down my Twitter account. We could be back to an open API and have apps to use that are much better than the Twitter app, tomorrow, next week, or next month. I probably though won’t be as present. I don’t like the native Twitter iOS app. So, you’ll see my Word press, but not me liking your posts. It’s not that I don’t want to it’s just, I want Twitter back the way it was and I don’t know if I have the patients to sift through what it has now become. Lets all hope and pray it gets back to where it needs to be.

Thank you all again, for everything!!! I love you all!! Pretty deeply. You have all and do all impact my life.