Temporary Clipboard Scripts
Written by Drew Weber.
At times we may need to go back and copy the same text into edit fields or documents later in the day, or we may need a sequence of different text for multiple repetitive fields. These scripts allow for five temporary clipboards, accessed by commands and the q w e r t keys representing five clipboards. Note that as the name suggests these are temporary, and will clear with a JAWS restart.
First access the Temp clipboard scripts from anywhere within Windows by pressing control+shift+c. JAWS will announce “
Temp clipboard enabled.”
These scripts stay active for 5 seconds giving you enough time to do what you need to do. After this short window of opportunity the Default Script set is once again enabled, and JAWS will announce,
“Temp clipboard disabled”.
copy to clipboard 1-5 respectively
control+q w e r t
Note that Text needs to first be on the Windows clipboard before copying to one of the temporary clipboards.
paste from clipboards 1-5
q w e r t
Announce the text that is in the clipboards to jog our memmory.
control+shift+q w e r t
JAWS Speech history.
At times it may be easier to get a peace of information from the JAWS speech history than it is to regularly copy a said line of text to the clipboard. The Temporary Clipboard scripts enable you to choose, up from the bottom line which line to copy. from 1-5. After enabling Temp Clipboard with control+shift+c, hit h, to bring up the Choose a line dialogue. This is a simple list view, which you can arrow down and hit enter to make your selection and have the text copied to the Windows clipboard. Note even though this may take longer than the 5 seconds allowed, choosing the line will still cary out the desired result even when the Default script set has been switched back too.

First, Copy the following files into your JAWS Settings/Enu directory
Second, Copy all contents from the default script text files to JAWS.
to the end of your User Default.jss file.
1: Open
Hit Control+a to select all.
Hit Control+C to copy to clipboard.

2: Hit Insert+0, to open the JAWS Script manager.
Hit Control+Shift+D to open your default.jss file. If you haven’t included any custum scripts in your default, JAWS may announce, Shared Default.jss. If you have, JAWS may announce, User Default.jss
Hit Control+end to get to the bottom of the file. Make sure you are on a blank line below
Hit Control+V to paste the contents from the

CopyContentsToDefaultJSS.txt which you have copied to your clipboard.
Hit Control+S to save and compile. You should hear a ding, with the announcement, Compile Complete.

3: Copy all contents from
to your default.jkm.
Open the CopyContentsToDefaultJKM.txt file
Hit Control+a to select all.
Hit Control+C to copy to clipboard.
alt+tab back to the JAWS Script Manager.
In the JAWS Script Manager, hit Control+O to bring up the open file dialogue.
Tab to files of type and hit K, JAWS will announce, KeyMap files .jkm.
ShiftTab until you get to the listview and hit d, for Default.jkm.
Hit enter.
Hit control+F and type Common.
Hit enter, and then escape you should land on the line that reads
Common Keys.
Hit, end, then enter.
Paste the contents with control+v onto the blank line.
Hit control+s to save. You won’t hear a ding.
You should be all ready to use your new scripts!

Download the zip archive below.
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