Windows11 Notepad Bandaid JAWS scripts.

In Win11 when you have not saved a document within the Notepad text editor and press alt+f4, this dialogue seams to be inaccessible, not always properly allowing you to choose the save, or, don’t save buttons. Even more, if you are able to choose Don’t save, a ghost fantom Notepad window will remain on the taskbar and alt+tab list which does not contain a document. The only way to get rid of this is to kill it from the task manager.
These scripts allow one to see three options when pressing alt+f4 from Notepad, in a menu.
save: which presses control+s allowing one to properly save the document before exit.
Don’t save: clears the document and presses alt+f4 which properly closes the document.
Already saved, just exit: assuming the document has been previously saved, presses alt+f4 and properly closes the document.

drop the:
into your jaws Settings/Enu directory.
The scripts should now be functional within Notepad. Download Zip below