Sometimes we find ourselves without a Braille display. Some of us, myself included, read Braille, but don’t read fast enough to confidently read out loud. What do we do in these situations? Up to now it may have been a luming question. I am happy to present the #ReadAloud JAWS Scripts which I feel will help you master reading out loudd.

Listen To The Demo below:

ReadMe file below is found within the Zip download at the end of this post.

Read Aloud Scripts
Written by Drew Weber

Use these scripts to split lines into 3 or 4 word chunks for reading aloud without a Braille display.
Control+dash: Reads forward a chunk.
Control+Shift+Dash: Rereads the current chunk.
Control+Shift+Dash, twice quickly: Moves backwords a chunk without reading. Hit Control+Dash to continue reading.
JAWSKey+Space, and then, Control+Dash: selects and Copies from the curser, may move the curser back to where you started copying from, and puts the text in the JAWS virtual Viewer to start reading aloud in a document type where these scripts fail to read appropriately. (IE, a Microsoft Word document.)


Copy all contents from the
to the end of your User Default.jss file.

1: Open

Hit Control+a to select all.
Hit Control+C to copy to clipboard.

2: Hit Insert+0, to open the JAWS Script manager.

Hit Control+Shift+D to open your default.jss file. If you haven’t included any custum scripts in your default, JAWS may announce, Shared Default.jss. If you have, JAWS may announce, User Default.jss
Hit Control+end to get to the bottom of the file. Make sure you are on a blank line below
Hit Control+V to paste the contents from the CopyContentsToDefaultJSS.txt which you have copied to your clipboard.
Hit Control+S to save and compile. You should hear a ding, with the announcement, Compile Complete.

3: Copy all contents from

Open the file
Hit Control+a to select all.
Hit Control+C to copy to clipboard.
In the JAWS Script Manager, hit Control+O to bring up the open file dialogue.
Tab to files of type and hit K, JAWS will announce, KeyMap files .jkm.
ShiftTab until you get to the listview and hit d, for Default.jkm.
Hit enter.
Hit control+F and type Common.
Hit enter, and then escape you should land on the line that reads
Common Keys.
Hit, end, then enter.
Paste the contents from the
file with control+v.
Hit control+s to save. You won’t hear a ding.

Now you are ready to Start using your new Scripts!
Merry Christmas!!
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