If Kane Brown, a major label, artist can get away with this, why not me a little independent artist that no one knows about 🙂 as it turns out, it actually sounds cooler than I expected. So, what am I talking about anyway? LoseIt sped up from Kane Brown. Listen here.


Everybody better run out and purchase this off of iTunes, because if I have any hunch which I do, it’s probably gonna go away soon it’ll probably be pulled by the label, and then be classified as a collectors item! But that is beside the point. I haven’t truly analyzed lose It, which I will probably do later, but it sounds like it’s just sped up a fourth, from E, to a. Below, which is my song, is played off of a vinyl at 45 speed! And I think if Kane would’ve done that I would probably have a bit more respect for it. ☺️ Lol