There are a couple things that I would like to do easier. For one, I don’t have an applications key on my keyboard, and you have to hold the FN key along with Shift+F10 to bring one up. It’s so much easier to just hit control+shift+A. Also, you never know when you will need to take a quick note, to be able to launch Notepad from anywhere in Windows without having to go to run and type in Notepad would be amazing! With these scripts, use control+shift+/ (slash), These scripts allow you to do both of these things. The zip file contains two text files. They are named as so you will know what to do with them. Copy and paste the contents into your default.jss and default.jkm Script files. Respectfully, To launch script manager use insert+0, then you may use control+shift+D to open default.jss or hit your file menu to open your default file. Hit control end, and make sure you are on a blank line, after the last “end script” line and paste the contents of the file relating to default.jss. Hit control+S to save and compile. You willthen launch default.jkm. You can hit control+O to open, then tab down to files of type and kit k, for key map, then shift+tab three times and type default, which should land you on default.jkm. Then, put the contents related to default.jkm under the common keys section, again making sure you are on a blank line. Hit control+S to save. Then alt+F4.

Again the keystrokes once scripts are instaled.

Applications key: control+shift+a

Launch Notepad with: Control+Shift+/ (Slash)

I hope this makes your life simpler. Download the zip below.