Some time ago, I booked a flight with South West. When I checked in, the Vibrate engine in my phone, vibrated in a B note. Normally, the phone vibrates in E Flat. Another example, is every time you plug the phone in to charge, it vibrates in a C note, for a very short time, so I knew that the motor, some how, could bee told to run at different speeds. How to make this happen though, on demand. I found an app yesterday after work, Phazr, who’s prime gole, is to, allow one to feel the music they are playing. I thought, this could be really cool? Or really dumb, lets download and see. As it turns out, it is pretty sweet. I translates the notes of what it hears, into what speed the vibrate motor vibrates at, no joke. With a song, there are a lot of notes, and, it of course struggles with what to do, as it’s monofonic, naturally. I create a file of sign waves to throw at it. Here is what it did. First, the sign wave audio.

Next, the phone vibrate audio. I had the pone laying ontop of another IPhone to record this, with the volume all the way down so you don’t hear the sign wave tones.

As you no doubt hear, it can not, or does not, reproduce every tone correctly. There are a lot it plays the same tone at, but it does use differing haptic feedback with the tones, and when you listen to it with the tone turned up loud and feel it in your hand, it does feel like it is vibrating at a different note, every time. I have speent a lot of time in cars and with sub woofers, so I have tried to learn what different frequencies feel like, as I have perfect pitch and can automatically hear what they sound like. This app is an interesting finominon.