This is a true story/account of events.
I recently went to my best friend’s wedding in AZ.
I stayed in a Holiday Inn. I will never make that mistake again.
I made the reservation 09/13/2022 for one room, two queen beds at the Holiday Inn Express & Suites in Tucson, AZ. When I went to check in on Friday the 7th
after Midnight, the desk clerk was reviewing the reservation, he told me that the room was a one King, which of course differed from what I had reserved.
I asked if there was a two queen room available as I was in town for a wedding and was staying in the room with other groomsman. He said there was and
programmed keys for our stay. I asked him if he needed to see my credit card for any verification with the check in? He replied, no, he did not. When we
arrived at the room on the second floor and attempted to unlock the door we walked in on other guests who were already booked into the room.
We went back down to the lobby, and I explained the situation to the desk clerk. He apologized and explained that there were no other two queen rooms available
and offered us two additional rooms with a single King bed. With how the reservation was currently established in the computer system, we verified that
that would be, three rooms total, one king bed each? The desk clerk verified yes this was correct. The clerk then advised that there would be no additional
cost because of the hotel’s mistakes. I also verified that this accommodation would be Friday-Sunday nights checking out on Monday the 10th? again the desk
clerk verified this to be correct information in the computer system. I asked for, and received a receipt of the updated stay information.

On Saturday the 8th, when arriving back to the hotel after the events of the day around/after 11PM, the keys were not working in any of the three rooms.
We went down to the lobby and a different clerk said that the Hotel had not received payment? I advised that I had paid when booking the reservation. I
advised the Klerk that I had reserved the room with two queens and more of the back story. I advised the clerk that I had documents to show the accommodations
that were made by the hotel. The clerk reviewed the document, and also agreed that it was the hotels error. He explained that he would talk to his manager
about the situation and explained that the hotel would not be charging us for the extra rooms as it was their mistake. He made a copy of the document.
the keys were reprogrammed and the three of us went to sleep for the night.

On Sunday, when coming back to pick up clothing for the wedding, my key, again did not work in my room. I walked down to the lobby and asked the third
desk clerk in this situation, if she would please reprogram my keys for room 204. She agreed and I handed the keys over. She then asked if the hotel had
talked to me last night? I said yes. She again stated that the hotel had not received payment for the rooms. I again advised that I had paid when making
the reservation. She then explained, that the hotel was expecting payment for the three King rooms. I advised that the rooms were to be of no extra charge
than the cost of the reservation. She explained that the night clerk who had originally checked us in was new, and that the hotel would not honor the previously
made accommodations. I advised that I had the updated receipt from the night clerk, and as he had told me that it was for no extra charge, that it wasn’t
my problem. She advised that she could speak with the general manager again about the situation, in my opinion making it clear that the general manager
was who gave the directive in the first place. I explained that unfortunately I didn’t have time, I also pleaded with her several times, that I needed
to go to my room and gather my things. She explained that either I would make payment or she could speak with the hotels general manager, forcing my hand
to pay for the three rooms as the events of the day were already being delayed with the confrontation, all this time, her holding and not reprogramming
my keys. I gave her my credit card, and she only then reprogrammed the keys for 204. I asked, so you are taking payment? to which she snappily replied,
it is an authorization, only later would I understand why this was important. She then was having issues with the computer system and explained that she
was unable to extend the wedding block out to Monday. I verified with her, that I was checking out, Monday, not staying Monday night. She said, right.
She explained after 5 minutes or so that this was going to take some more time, she understood that I needed to be on my way and that if she was unable
to extend the block she would give me the other two King rooms which were not previously in the incorrectly booked reservation for free for Sunday night.
I didn’t have more time to discuss this. I went to my room, the key worked and was able to get my luggage. When we arrived at the wedding day lunch others
apologized to me as they had already started ordering food. I of course apologized back to them for being late.

Now, you have to understand. I am totally blind. Not only was I there to pick up my clothes, the other groomsmen were too. I was holding all of them up, through the confrontation. I had a couple of choices. I could talk to a manager who had already made her mind up, who, who knows how long it would take her to get out to me in the first place, or I could pay without agreeing to. Hold up my best friends wedding plans, as the best man. You’ve got to be fuckin kidding me. The desk clerk knew I was there for a wedding. Wasn’t it, just as e-legal holding me up, and not allowing me to get up to my room, as I wasn’t even checking out yet, as it would have been for me to check out without discussing the confrontation. I would have been fuckin arrested at the door if I tried to leave on Monday without taking care of it.

On Monday I checked out around 7:30 AM. I asked for the desk clerks name to verify I new who I was speaking to. I asked the same clerk as I had spoke to
Sunday, what could be done about the situation? She seamed oblivious to the conversation which had taken place the day before. When I started reminding
her of the events, she explained, you have already chosen to pay. I advised her that I would like her general manager to call me and gave my phone number.
I still at 11AM on Tuesday October 11th have not received a call back.
Charges from Holiday Inn on my credit card:
10/08: $296.84: This is the only charge which I agree with. This is the charge for the one room, two queen beds, which I was originally quoted.

Fraudulent charges:
10/09: $142.66
10/09: $142.66
10/10: $148.42
10/10: $142.66
10/10: $142.66\
Total Fraudulent charges which I am requesting to be refunded:

Remember, that this is on top of, the original charge that I accept for my original reservation.

Later on Tuesday, I started researching contacting Holiday Inn to escalate the issue. I got in touch with the IHG reservations department. The customer
service rep stated, man, I have heard stories, but never anything like this. The call was then escalated to IHG Guest Relations. The escalation path was,
that I should allow 48 hours for the general manager of the property to call me back and work out the issue.
I waited the 48 hours and at 3:51 PM yesterday, Thursday, an assistant to the general manager called me back. She stated that the hotel would not be refunding
the money, and that, they had given me one night free. Remember from prior in this account that that was because, the chick at the front desk couldn’t
figure out the computer systemin a timely manner and probably gave up on it. I asked her as the hotel had previously admitted that it was an employees
mistake, why the hotel is still not going to be able to do anything? she was silent. She couldn’t answer me. I advised her that I would be escalating it
again, to a supervisor within guest relations. She said that it was a property decision.
I called Guest relations back several times later Thursday night. Each time the call got to the part where they were again, going to reach out to the Hotel, to try and resolve the issue themselves, and had me on hold the call disconnected. The last disconnect, the agent called me back, but in my opinion, probably ended the call before she got to me, as I picked up both calls. She probably was scared of the wrath of anyone who had went through this hell coming down on her.

I kept calling back and getting differing representatives. How these calls tonight differed from Tuesday, was
that I didn’t recount my story, I kept asking what the notes said. The first call on Tuesday was incorrectly documented, so I went back and recounted the
story. The second call, first call of tonight, wasn’t even documented so I told the story again. The agent who had taken the call, who told me he would call me back if there was a disconnect, wasn’t off work, the current agent that I was speaking with was able to get ahold of him at work, and because he had neglected to notate the account, ask him for his recount of speaking with the hotel.

Finally, with the third call, I got somewhere.
It sounds like, that that the two king rooms weren’t even on the same reservation. Ah, this makes sense right, of course they weren’t, this is why the
hotel needed to put authorizations on my card, to create a spoof reservation. Then, how could the hotel say that they, never received payment, if they weren’t on my reservation, and never had a reservation with the charges in the first place?
From the notes of Guest Relations, the hotel staff had lied and stated that I as the customer had no problems with the reservation> I also found out, that
guest services, can only do so much. Lol. They are here to accept complaints, but the refund? It is on the individual property. So, why was I wasting my
time? Today I disputed the charges with my bank, it seamed to go well, though, there was no documentation that I would get in an e-mail. The agent didn’t have a case number, and no badge number. Fuckin lol. There is a disputes portal, and I hope they take time to populate, as, right now? It shows no open disputes. Again… Lol. My understanding is that if the bank needs additional information, it will be in there message center, and I will get a printed letter back with the decision. Thank God for Seeing A-I right?

IF I don’t get a refund through the bank, it will be time to take legal action.
Again, Do not, stay in a holiday in if your finances are important to you. IF it’s up to the properties to make and finalize decisions, and one property believes they can blatantly steel from people, I’m sorry, especially someone who has a disability. All of the locations can do it.

Again. Share the hell out of this post