With iOS 16 dropping yesterday, I felt it only appropriate to record the installation of this operating system onto an iPhone SE, 2020 edition. Have you ever wondered what your iPhone was doing, you’re in a quiet environment, so you put the phone to your ear and you hear ticking, as your concentration sets in on what you’re listening to, you hear hissing. If you hold it there long enough, you may hear buzzing. Even longer? You may hear beeping. I learned long ago, that my guitar pick up would capture sound that I may not hear with my human ear. This is the recording of iOS16 installation, the phone did not have any case on it, the glass back set above the pick ups, resting gently,on top of six guitar strings. Warning! Warning! This is loud! Don’t crank this up in headphones, and not expect to have ringing ears afterwards. Listen to it quietly. Now I may be starting to understand where the sound design palette comes for Radio imaging effects! There is some awesome staticky sound here!