After I had posted the clip of the Taylor guitar, which I thought was named, E-11, or 11-E, I went to research the grand theaterseries online. I didn’t find the model listed at all. I called GC back yesterday, and asked if they still had the guitar in stock. I was set straight on the name, and so went back to give it a second play. No, that’s not something that I normally do, but, I had played my Martin and took mental note of it’s feel and sound so as to compare it to the Taylor. It was still there, and just as beautiful, wait, no, more beautiful. Why? Because I got to hear it from someone elses, not the players perspective. I can’t say we, but I can say, I, forget how things sound from not my perspective. As I do a lot of Binaural recording, a lot of stuff is played back from my perspective. While it may be cool, hearing what I’m doing, from another binaural perspective, was intriguing enough yesterday that I am going to set out to build a dummy Binaural head in the near future. I’ll keep you posted on how that goes.

More on the guitar. If I thought it sounded beautiful from me playing it, I was, and am, in ah, of the sound from across the room. I can’t quite tell you what it is technically, as I haven’t really heard it before, if it’s harmonics from the strings, met with how the instrument was built or what, but the different attack you get with different picking/finger picking styles is truly mind blowing. It’s as if, you hear each string, for what it is, as it’s own track in a song. Does that make sense? No? I understand, it doesn’t add up when I’m writing it, but seriously, each string has just as much power as the next, none take over. It’s very percussive when you strum hard, and full of tone when you strum light, while, finger picking still has power. At times, to me, it sounds as full as a 12 string, as odd as that is to write as well, as, it’s a 6 string. There are tones that I hear from pianos, that I haven’t quite heard in a guitar, that I hear here. All of this, coupled with how the instrument plays, and you’ve got one massive though sleek, beautiful instrument!!! I feel, the acoustics of this guitar, coupled with the pickup, would be even more amazing in it’s own right. Audio from my fiancé’s Perspective, not mine, is below.