I heard from a friend that she had tics months ago. Alice was playing, so I was in, Bush was playing, they were on my bucket list, so I was in, BB was playing, so I was tripple in! Guess I had to pay up and make it official. The show was hosted at Fiddlers, one of my fave venues, as far as acoustics, and things aren’t way up, stupid loud, which is good, the mix is normally solid! It was a dope show last night! I am so glad I went! BB, is where religion met experience, check this clip out. Hey, they said to record, so, I hit the button 🙂 It’s not a vid, so yall see it how I saw it!


Of course, I had to record a clip of Rooster too! God I love to hear the crowd screaming back at the band with a huge beautiful choir! #BreathTaking!


Bush kicked off the show after Keith Wallen, guitarest in BB did a live opening acoustic set. He’s good! Stuff is way diff than BB, check him out!!!! The entire show was way amazing!!!!! If you have the chance to catch the tour in your #NeckOTheWoods do it!!!!!