I went to guitar center this weekend, and had the opportunity to pick up the grand theater series E Dash 11. This is the model that comes with the pick up.

It’s truly a beautiful instrument! It’s almost weightless, literally! The tone has a nice fat bottom, with a skewed, mid range, and nice highs. I love it!

I love the way the instrument feels, and plays. The action is set up. Great! You can bend the G string up a step, Which is not normal for an acoustic guitar. It sounds like the body is thinner than it is. Putting this guitar an alternate tuning, you have no issues!

The only thing I wish had was a cut away. You can only go so far up the neck. The pick up sounds absolutely incredible in this guitar and brings out the tonal qualities of the instrument which is not normal for a pick up in my opinion. Has a three band EQ, if I remember correctly, and the volume knob. They are set close to the neck down on the upper body of the guitar to your left.

The quarter inch plug is in the strap button where it should be, and there is a battery case right there by the plug-in that has a 9 V that is easily accessible. You don’t have to take the strings off the guitar or unscrew the back. There’s a little snap that you just click and the battery pops out.

A capo on this guitar also sounds great! No buzzing etc.. This beauty is on my wish list for one of these days.

Here’s some binaural audio from my perspective, playing the guitar acoustically.