In my last post regarding the hardware processer/compresser/limiter, I mentioned one of the reasons for purchase was to use it in mastering music, as I am an artist. I have to say I am pleased with the results, while, maybe being -2 DB lower than mainstream masters, it still produces loud masters, and they sound closer to the mix, being loud, than I have been able to come up with software solutions in the past. It is hard to keep the sound of the mix, for me, while obtaining loudness, without squashing the master, or, at least parts of the song. Below, you will find the ARTSCL2 Hardware Master, along with the mix, and the master from that is out on streaming services today, as well as a file that flips between the different versions, to help one to understand the differences without stopping to flip to the different audio files.

The mix: This is the mix, without any mastering solution at all.

Hardware Master: Here is the master from the ARTSCL2

E-Master.Com: Here is the master that is on streaming services. Though I like the volume, it is squashed, and brings out the suddle verb and delays, and is to bright between 8-16KHZ

Difference In Mix/Masters: Finally, here is an audio that flips from, the mix, to the hardware master, to the master, back to the Hardware Master. There is clicks intentially where the mixes transition to assist in knowing where they do so.

It will be interesting to see what other fine tunements I may bring using the hardware, and how I can profect future release masters with this hardware.