I’ve been looking for a stereo compresser for multiple needs for some time, actually because of the huge varying dynamics in movies, it’s been for probably 20 years. I found one on Amazon that was for a really, in my opinion, decent price, under $200. It has a stereo link, which intrigued me a lot, as that was what I was looking for.

I am an artist, so, something that was pro grade enough to use in my mastering chain, but hardware, so as, to compress, litterly, almost in real time. It’s just a couple millaseconds, vs 3-6 seconds of some software solutions that I have used, in combo with line-in latency as well. I came across this gym, great reviews on Amazon, and I am very impressed with the audio quality. The rear pannel has in and out, balanced quarter inch, and xlr. I purchased some xlr to RCA, yes, unbalances the signal, but it still is super clean, as I purchased as my main use to run in my 2.1 stereo system, to run through a tape loopback. I am not sure how many bands the processor has, butt it is very musical sounding. Here is the front pannel layout.

Compressor/limiter hardware controls:
Starting from left to right:
sl2 stereo compressor
bypass button
Threshhold knob -40 db goes to 20 db
hard/soft button
rashio knob starts at 1.1 to 10.1
Attack nob
auto/manual button
release nob
output master output
expander gate button
Expander threshold nob
stereo link stereo in button
bypass button
then starts over
Threshold nob
rasheo nob
output left balance and right
expander/gate button
expander/gate nob
power on/off when it’s down it’s offf up on

Here are audio samples from the Amazon Alexa, music. It’s not technically one volume, but things keep pretty level, especially when listening to entire songs vs switching like this.