In the new dawn of our era, I believe we all have or will have to test for Covid-19 at some point. When you are blind, and do not live with a sighted family member or friend, this, may pose a challenge. I read about an accessible test that uses the smart phone, to provide test results. The testing solution uses a Bluetooth connection, to connect the testing annaliser hardware to the smartphone, and uses an app to walk you through instructions to complete the test. Please find more regarding the Ellume Covid-19 test by linking to this article below:

As, in the USA through government funding, this may be a free solution, as well as independent, this brought me hope. The only other reliable solution that I have found, for testing in the home, is a service, which I would suggest, called, Covid Check Today. They are in select marcket areas, including Denver where I am at. It’s pricy, $150 for a rapid test. Not to dive to deep into this costly solution, but a nurse comes to the home, and performs the test. You receive results by e-mail that you may send to your employer. Learn more at

So, it’s one or the other, if you have a need to get tested. Yesterday I had a sore throat, and no taste. Ut O. Here I was again, with the need to get tested. Luckally, I had ordered a couple of the tests on hand. I pulled them out, and here’s what I found.

Normally, with covid-19 tests, two come in a box, with the Elume accessible test, there is one per package. Much to my surprise, one of the boxes, did not contain, foil, containers but plastic bags. You’ll know what I’m talking about if you have read the article above, and, both of the bags contained the same, feeling items. What happened? We had been sent, a non-accessible test kit, which contained two, non-accessible tests. Be ware of this, if you are using Ellume, you should feel, foil packaging, with the current production run methods, not plastic bags. Luckally, my lady had ordered a couple as well, and one of us, got the correct tests.

So, onto the app. This article describes my experience with iOS, not, Android. Please download the app from the iOS app store link below:

As you look at the ratings, it’s got a 1 Star. There’s got to be a reason why? The reviews show worry about the information requested in the app. Below are some notes that I took when I setup my test, in the app.

When you get into the app, you will see a menu button at the top, and as you flick to the right, you will see a road map of the app that it should take you through a video, and then step by step to how to test.
When you click on the start test button, you must click the continue button.
After clicking this, you will have to agree to the terms and condissions.
There is a link, which brings you to suffari, and to the terms and condissions page.
After this link there is an “X” button. This is the checkbox to the condission. Double tap and then swipe right to the continue button, double tap.
You will then be presented with a screen to enter your details. Name D,O,B, etc.
The D,O,B has picker boxes. Go to the bottom of your screen for the month and flick down from the current month, or up, depending on your month.
Swipe right for the day. and then flick up or down.
Flick right for the year, and then flick up or down.
Swipe left to the done button and double tap.
after you enter your e-mail address you will find a button labled, “e-mail me the results of the test so I may share with mhy doctor or employer). I do not know if it’s required. I double tapped it to get an e-mail.
I had to click on each of the fantom fields, and then the last confirm e-mail address edit field to allow the continue button to become available.
This brings you to another page of details, home address, etc.
The state is a picker much like the dob, it’s at the bottom middle of your screen.
The state and zip are required.
I did not have to clickon the fantom fields on this page to allow the continue button to be available.
The next page is the patients age, it looks like my DOB didn’t stick,a s it is saying the DOB is under two years old. I must now click a button that I am over 13 years of age.
After you click the 13 years or over button the video button, also on this screen, becomes available. Yes, you have to setup a new test, every time you test. There’s no way to save a profile in the app.

Taking the Test:

Both the video, mixed with the link above to the government site do a good job at helping you to understand the testing process. I will say the button that is rubber, does have raised ridges or ribs on the annaliser. You do not pare the annaliser as you would a normal BT device. It has a special paring process in the app.

Screwing the swab into the dropper, this sounds obvious, but it needs to be flesh. It is easy to start it at an angle, and then it won’t be flesh. It’s tough as you can’t touch the swab, and you are trying to be careful in screwing it in so as to not tip the dropper. The video states, “Screw the swab on, as tight as you can to the dropper”. The reason for this, is that after the connection is tight, the swab flips a switch inside the dropper to open a nozzle to allow the fluid to drop into the annaliser. You squeeze the dropper in the middle, or on the plastic neck. It is important that it makes a sound as the liquid drops in. It should sound similar to the audio below.

It seams that the annaliser has a sencer in it to detect liquid, as when it got full enough of the solution, Voiceover announced that the test had started. Now it’s a waiting game, for 15 minutes. It seams that touching the screen, refreshes the screen, more than just flicking right and left. You can then see a countdown timer with Voiceover, counting down the time until you are expected to have the results. And right about here? Is where the issues started.

After the countdown timer gets to 0, the app closes, crashes. The test results are not e-mailed out, and there is not even an inkling, that a test was performed in the app. The test? A once use. No way to go back and reannalise it again.

My freakin heart sank last night. I needed those damn results. What to do? Ask my lady for her test as I was feeling more lousy than she was. She agreed, and we went through the entire rigamarole again, opening packages, preparing solution, being careful. After it hit that 0 percent? Another app crash.

I’m sorry. I can not suggest this test to anyone. In full disclosure, yes I am using iOS16 beta two, yes, that may factor into this. You know you instal it, and forget that it’s there. Looking back on it I don’t have another device with iOS15 to have used, but the app connects to the annaliser, and communicates, so, I don’t think it to be a Bluetooth issue.

All and all, I believe this is a great type of solution, but it God Damn needs to work. Be reliable.

So today, it was, again, Covid Check Today and $150 later? I am negative, Covid free.

I hope this helps someone in there descition to use the Ellume testing solution. Just make sure you have a backup solution if you depend on results.