I am a happy Distrokid subscriber. I love that they are able to get my music into stores, and for a fraction of the price of the competitors, and quickly.
About a year or so ago, I became interested in having my music in the #TouchTunes service. I did my research and found that my current distributor already had what they called TouchTunes Beta. I signed up. A Distrokid rep got back to me via e-mail and said she pushed the button to have my music entered into the service, though she could make no promises that it would be.
My understanding was that TouchTunes was different from stores and streaming services such as Itunes and Apple Music, Spotify etc, as TouchTunes hand picks what goes into there service, vs allowing auto pushes into the service without a lot of thought. To me this made sense, as TouchTunes reaches audiences within restaurants, you may not want a free for all. I did though hope, that my music may make it into the service.
Several releases did not show up, and I wondered why? Is it because this service is currently in beta? Is it because I am not a radio/popular artist?
Over the last year I have tweeted at both TouchTunes and Distrokid and haven’t received a response.
Last night, as I sat in a bar, my thoughts of the music being hand picked because of weeding out content was disproven.
At the end of a hip-hop track, was two people having an arguement dropping f bombs and everything else in the book, unedited.
Cirtainly the content that I have provided is much more reasonable than this.
A few weeks ago I went to the TouchTunes website and looked to contact TouchTunes about adding my music. A no go. I was unable to contact them about my media, but, I could use a list of services to try and have my content added. Guess what? Distrokid was not in the list. Why not?

The bottom line:
I feel having the opportunity to get my content into the TouchTunes service is a valid request.
Now I am not sure why the hand picked method is used after what I’ve heard last night.
TouchTunes, if Distrokid is getting you content, why are you not adding it to your services library?
Distrokid, if TouchTunes is not going to add your content that you provide, why do you have it listed as a store?

I hope this post is retweeted and reposted on social media and that it raises enough buz to get some answers.
Thanks for reading, Thanks for reposting.
Distrokid and TouchTunes, thanks for responding and possibally rethinking your stratogy.